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Tours and Accessibility

Mia is dedicated to providing equal access to its collections and programs. Visitors can join free public tours at various times daily, no reservations required. Topics are prearranged, and may feature an area of the permanent collection or a smaller special exhibition. Major special exhibitions require tickets, and reservations are recommended. Click here for more information about public tours, or call (612) 870-3000 (voice) or email

Private Tours

You are welcome to request a private tour on a topic of your choice. All tours are custom-designed to meet your needs and interests. Call the Tour Scheduling Office at (612) 870-3140 at least four weeks in advance to make arrangements for a private tour. You will receive written confirmation of your reservation.

wheelchairVisitors using wheelchairs may arrange individual or small group tours.

Visitors who are deaf or hard of hearing may arrange individual or small group tours. The museum provides two types of services:

interpreterAn ASL interpreter can be requested free of charge for any private tour.
Generous support for ASL-interpreted tours provided by:   Starkey Hearing Foundation logo
assistive-listeningThe museum’s assisted listening devices are available by request.

autism-alzheimersVisitors who have memory loss, their friends, and care partners may request Discover Your Story tours.
Generous support for Discover Your Story provided by:   Allianz Logo

Make a Private Tour Reservation

Call the Tour Scheduling Office at (612) 870-3140 at least four weeks in advance to make arrangements for a private tour. You will receive written confirmation of your reservation.

School Tours

All services mentioned are also available for students with disabilities. Visit our online school tour request form, or call (612) 870-3140 to request a form. Please indicate all requests for accommodation on the form.

Touch Tours for visitors who are blind or have low vision

Visitors who are blind or have low vision may request an individual guided tour. The tours include three-dimensional objects you can touch as well as paintings to explore through verbal description and tactile diagrams. During “touch tours,” the tour guide and visitor wear gloves to examine together pre-selected works of sculpture and decorative arts. Our curatorial staff has approved specific objects in the permanent collection for touching. To explore objects using tactile diagrams, the visitor touches a raised physical “map” of the work while the tour guide provides precise visual description. Mia currently has tactile diagrams for two artworks: Olive Trees by Vincent van Gogh and Scenes of Plains Indian Life by Cadzi Cody. Please call (612) 870-3140 for more information or to schedule a tour.

Discover Your Story tours for visitors with memory loss and their friends

Discover Your Story tours engage individuals in the early and middle stages of Alzheimer’s, and their family, friends or care partners, in discussions focused on thematically related artworks in the museum’s galleries. Participants are encouraged to discover themselves while reminiscing about, reflecting upon or comparing their own life stories to the stories in works of art.

More Information

Discover Your Story is a partnership program of the Minneapolis Institute of Art and the Alzheimer’s Association Minnesota-North Dakota.

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