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Why stop at membership? Once you are a member of the MIA, you can choose ways to get even more involved—there’s something for everyone!

To add any of the options below, select your membership, then pick your additional benefits.

You can do it by calling our Members’ Hotline at (612) 870-6323, or in person at any of the museum’s Visitor Services desks.

Family Benefits

Family Benefits: Interested in four free youth passes for ticketed exhibitions and priority registration for youth classes? Add Family Benefits to your membership for an additional $15 per year (free at the Supporting level and above).

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The Circle Benefits

The Circle gives young professionals (ages 21-44) the chance to experience the MIA in a new way and meet others with similar interests. You and a guest will enjoy the arts in a special way with the MIA as your guide. Add $125 to any membership level (free at the Supporting level and above).

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Curatorial Affinity Groups

Curatorial Affinity Groups are a great way to delve deeper into the curatorial area(s) of your choice. You have two levels ($100 Enthusiast and $1000 Collector) and nine groups to choose from!

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