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Greetings from El Colegio

El Colegio school mural.

In preparation for their project, art students at El Colegio read a detailed account in a publication from the Univeristy of Veracruz about the elements and symbols in traditional ofrendas from several regions of Mexico.

Student making paper flowers.

Student making paper flowers.

These student artists began by sanding and painting their wooden crates in luminous colors. As they continue to work on their crates, they are forming concepts for their ofrendas and those being honored. One El Colegio student has chosen Apple founder Steve Jobs because he admires Jobs for having started with little, yet achieving so much in his life. Another is creating her ofrenda for a deceased grandfather in Mexico she never knew.

The Ofrenda projectwill bring a diversity of ideas and unique offerings to those deceased being honored. The MIA audience can look forward to another heartfelt exhibit for the Day of the Dead.


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