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Young People’s Ofrendas at Washburn High School

It all began when Cristina Benz, art teacher at Washburn High School in Minneapolis, attended the Young People’s Ofrendas teacher workshop held at the museum in August. She took the Teacher’s Guide and ran with it in her classroom.Cristina describes how the project unfolded at Washburn:

I did use the teacher’s guide to help teach the project, but I also brought in local community members who make ofrendas in their home. They also helped to make the papel picado. I collaborated with a Alissa Fortune’s Spanish class, which is a heritage speaking class. That was fun but had some challenges. We had almost 60 students working together during that class period. The students were mixed grades and ages, ranging from grades 9-12. It was definitely a great way for everyone to learn about each other, for my students to learn more about themselves and their family. I believe we will be displaying them on the main floor near the front office.

 A sampling of the ofrendas created by students in grades 9-12 at Washburn High School.

A sampling of the ofrendas created by students in grades 9-12 at Washburn High School.

We’re so thrilled to hear about ways teachers and students implement the Young People’s Ofrendas project, whether they follow the Teacher’s Guide to the letter or adapt it to suit their needs. Thanks, Cristina, for sharing with us about Washburn’s ofrendas.

Did you use our Teacher’s Guide or visit the Young People’s Ofrendas exhibition at the MIA? Drop us a line (and a few photos, if possible) at jlucas@artsmia.org and tell us about it. We’d love to share about it right here on the blog!


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