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Magic, mystery, and wrapping paper: Inside the Ely studio of MAEP artist Andy Messerschmidt

Last winter, I drove up to Ely, near the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, to hang out with Andy Messerschmidt, whose MAEP exhibition, “Delta Delta Delta Force,” will be on view at the MIA from October 17 to  December  28. It was 10 below zero, but a beautifully clear day for a Sunday drive. I . . . Keep reading »


Art Inspires: Katie Sisneros previews Nerd Thursday with a tale of losing one’s head for love

Holofernes, Upon His Very Recent Beheading by Judith of Bethulia Ouch, girl. I mean seriously, ouch. And I don’t just mean ouch in my neck area, where once my big manly head sat, before you severed it with a sword that like honestly how did you get in my tent with a sword? I also . . . Keep reading »

Modigliani Starfish

Art Secrets: The Starfish in Her Face

Recently, Roberta Bartoli wrote about the many loves of the iconic bohemian painter and sculptor Amedeo Modigliani, including the poet Anna Akhmatova, who was not his to love. The 20-year-old Russian was on her honeymoon, first of all, when they met in Paris. He was on drugs. She was melancholic. He was all over the . . . Keep reading »


Chris Farrell talks October 3 at the MIA on Matisse, creativity, and why you’re not going to retire

You’re tired of bosses. You’re tired of agendas. If one more person populates your Google calendar with a meeting you didn’t ask for, you’re going to…retire. Why not, assuming your financial house is in order. Chris Farrell, an economics correspondent and personal finance guru for Marketplace Money, has an unexpected answer: “It’s so exciting to . . . Keep reading »


Red and Hot: The Many Loves of Modigliani

Modigliani’s first name was Amedeo, literally the “one who loves God.” Certainly he loved women—a lot. A sulky, handsome Italian, he had large black eyes, shiny black curls, and a big soft mouth. He had charming manners, too, and being Italian he was stylishly dressed (often in corduroy). Amedeo loved poetry. He knew thousands of . . . Keep reading »