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  • Mia Stories is the museum beyond the walls, outside the frame, at the lively intersection of life and art. From behind-the-scenes buzz to inspiring connections with current events, it’s the museum in conversation.

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A fair to remember: Classic images of the Minnesota State Fair from Mia’s collection

You know all the superlatives about the Minnesota State Fair, or you should: Highest attendance outside of the Texas state fair, which is far longer; held every year since 1859, a year after statehood (except on five occasions, due to various wars, epidemics, etc.); a corn dog you could wear as a belt. I hated it. . . . Keep reading »


Finding Stories in the Ordinary: Shana Kaplow’s “Near and Far”

Ink paintings of common household furniture overtake one of the Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program gallery walls at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. The ghostly remains of ordinary tables and chairs entice me to take a closer look. As I imagine sitting in those chairs and dining at those tables, this alluring overture gives way to . . . Keep reading »

Mia Stories; Collection in Focus: Africa

Once at Mia: Collection in Focus

In 1998, Mia hosted a special exhibition of paintings by Jacob Lawrence and his wife, Gwendolyn Knight. Diane Levy, who supervised the museum’s tours at the time, and Josie Johnson, a trustee, saw an opportunity. It had been clear for several years that the long and demanding process of becoming a docent, to lead tours . . . Keep reading »


Once at Mia: The educators

They were poets, artists, and teachers and would go on to become architects, arts administrators, and management consultants. But at this moment, in the early 1970s, they were educators, charged with illuminating the mysteries of fine art. It’s a tradition of talks, classes, and school visits that has been around as long as Mia itself. The first bridge between . . . Keep reading »


A museum by any other name: The many monikers of Mia

Since the museum announced last week that it would now be known as the Minneapolis Institute of Art (singular), Mia for short, some people have sworn they will continue to call it the MIA. Or the Institute. Or some variation thereof. Some said they’d been calling it Mia all along. A name, in other words, . . . Keep reading »