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17 days, two curators, one red-hot Asian art scene (Part II): Jogja

We hurtled down the steep mountain, leaving behind thousand-year-old temples and the pungent sulfur springs of the verdant Dieng Plateau. It was a long drive, and when we reached the city of Yogyakarta (Jogja) it was already late afternoon. Just in time for rush hour—urban Indonesia at its frenetic finest. This marked a new stage . . . Keep reading »


Dogwood’s Greg Hoyt and Stephanie Ratanas talk myths, mummies, and their surprising new single-source coffee

The new release from Dogwood Coffee hails from the farm of Nodier Andrade in Colombia. Dogwood Coffee, based in Minneapolis, has been hailed as one of America’s finest artisanal coffee companies. Late last year it opened its second retail location—in the MIA lobby. The partnership between a museum and a coffee company makes sense as . . . Keep reading »

Grant Wood's "Sentimental Yearner"

Salesman or Lawyer: Who is Grant Wood’s Sentimental Yearner?

It was difficult to pick just one piece from “Marks of Genius: 100 Extraordinary Drawings from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts” to write about. In the end, I settled on Grant Wood’s Sentimental Yearner. One of nine commissioned illustrations (two townscapes, seven characterizations) for a limited edition of Sinclair Lewis’s Main Street, this work is . . . Keep reading »

Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute (PARI), Rosman, North Carolina

Eric William Carroll explores mysteries of the universe in G.U.T. Feeling, Vol. 2

Are we all connected? If so, are we smart enough to understand why? These are some of the big questions of science that Eric William Carroll constantly explores—despite his knowledge being limited to what he learned in high school science class. The Minneapolis-based artist (who also teaches at Macalester College) channels his curiosity about the . . . Keep reading »


The invention of drawing

This week, while installing the MIA’s summer exhibition Marks of Genius: 100 Extraordinary Drawings—a show that spans nearly 600 years of drawing—I’ve been thinking about the origins of the medium. Its beginnings, like the beginnings of art, are murky, mythical, and lost. According to the ancient Roman writer Pliny the Elder, both the Egyptians and . . . Keep reading »