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A Short Glossary of Italian Style

To fully immerse yourself in “Italian Style: Fashion Since 1945″ (at the MIA through January 4), or if you simply want to dress with a little more pizzazz (that’s Diana Vreeland, not Italian), you’ll need to know the language. Not all of it, but a few key words that unlock the mystery of looking like . . . Keep reading »

Magical Thinking

Why magical thinking still prevails—and it’s not a bad thing

Most of us adults think of ourselves as rational. We no longer believe, if we ever did, that Wile E. Coyote can walk off a cliff—and keep walking. That we never have to grow up. But in many ways, we don’t. We are creatures of magical thinking, even as adults. Even in the supposedly über-rational . . . Keep reading »


Italian style in Minnesota: A brief, rakish history

The new exhibition “Italian Style: Fashion Since 1945,” in its opening week at the MIA, showcases the post-war clothing designers that helped glamorize a rebuilding nation: Gucci and Versace and Valentino and all the other vowels. It can feel, intentionally, like a glittering guest visiting from somewhere more exotic. But Italian style has been strutted in Minnesota . . . Keep reading »


How to dress for Halloween as your favorite MIA artwork

You could don a hockey mask or paint yourself in zombie blood. Or you could class things up a bit. Go as your favorite MIA artwork. With a few clicks and overnight delivery you could give the kids who treat-or-treat at your door something they’ll remember for the rest of their lives—yes, a full-size candy . . . Keep reading »

Opening of the Bell Period Rooms

What are period rooms, really?

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about period rooms. In fact, a small group of us at the MIA have been thinking about the period rooms at the museum for some time now: a multi-year initiative to understand how they came about, how people think about them, and how we might engage them going forward. . . . Keep reading »