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Apple Time

Just in time for the new Apple Watch, an exhibition about our relationship with the hours

The new Apple Watch that was unveiled this week, with its potential to merge timekeeping with the body and its rhythms, feels like the future, like something new. But it may be more like a return—time, after all, has only recently become fixed, divorced from our actual experience of the world turning. Which is where . . . Keep reading »


Did men dress better in the past? The argument from art history.

Despite all the evidence from the Minnesota State Fair, men are supposedly dressing better. GQ recently offered that the newish term “metrosexual,” meaning a modern man who looks after his appearance, is already all but extinct as such habits have become mainstream. We’re all metrosexuals now. Right. One look at the fellows in the “Fancy . . . Keep reading »

Paul Shambroom with grid

Carrion on: Paul Shambroom brings back the dead for “The Nature of Nature”

I first met Paul Shambroom while working at Mpls.St.Paul Magazine, when he presented editor Brian Anderson with his idea of setting up a photo booth in front of the Shinders newsstand at Sixth Street and Hennepin Avenue, in downtown Minneapolis, on two Saturday nights. He wanted to capture the avenue’s night owls in the era . . . Keep reading »

Alfredo Ramos Martìnez, Flower Vendors

Flower Vendors: Simply Awesome, Awesomely Simple

The great American bebop bassist and composer Charles Mingus observed, “Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple—awesomely simple—that’s creativity.” What has drawn me to write about Flower Vendors, of all 100 drawings in “Marks of Genius,” is the reverence it shows for human life by capturing and honoring a particularly inconspicuous, unspectacular . . . Keep reading »

James Holmberg, Residue and Inside, site-specific installations, 2014

Behind the gallery walls and into James Holmberg’s “Forever”

What do you find when you peel back a gallery wall? This was a driving question for Minnesota artist James Holmberg and he needed to find the answer. In his most recent work, featured in the MAEP exhibition “Forever,” Holmberg works with architectural structures, like those in the gallery wall, zeroing in on commonplace objects . . . Keep reading »