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Pure Premium Honey from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Rooftop GoldAvailable Now in the MIA Store! (Limited Quantity)

Art and nature have long made a delicious combination. To promote sustainability, the MIA has kept beehives on its roof since 2013 with help from the U of M Bee Squad, producing this smooth, bright honey. Drizzle it on granola, stir it in your favorite tea, or enjoy it like an artist: creatively.

Ingredients: Nectar from within 5 miles of the MIA.

The Story of Our Honey

-1In the spring of 2013, the University of Minnesota Bee Squad placed 30,000 European honeybees in four hives on the MIA roof. By late summer, there were 200,000, making this limited-edition honey. Available exclusively in the museum shop, each batch is a unique reflection of the seasons and the flowers visited by the bees. The museum’s bees are ambassadors of bees worldwide that have recently suffered devastating declines, threatening the global food supply. And they are links to nature in its wildest, most fundamental form, making you consider—like all great art—your place in the world.