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Tour Topics

Enjoy the diverse collections at the Minneapolis Institute of Art by participating in an interactive, one-hour guided group tour. These are our most popular tour topics, but we are happy to customize a tour based on your interests. To schedule a private group tour call the MIA Tour Office at 612-870-3140. To request a K-12 tour complete this on-line form.

Tour of the Month


International Modernism

By the early 20th century, the habits, identities, and landscapes of the world were being dramatically transformed. Explore how artists and designers, inspired by innovations such as radios, skyscrapers, and even the development of modern psychology, responded with cutting-edge representations of new and familiar subjects.


Cityscapes, Landscapes, and Escapes

Discover how artists depict the ways in which people live, work and relax in the country and city, as well as their escapes to places and times fantastic or out of the ordinary.


Art of the American West

During the 100th anniversary of the National Parks, see romantic visions of the exploration and promotion of the American West. Images of buffalo, cowboys and cattle drives, Native American dress and ceremonies, and unstoppable forces of nature speak to fascination with the West as a region of expansive beauty and great adventure.

Why is the Sky Yellow? Artists’ Choices

How does an artist’s choice of color affect the work created? See how artists use colors, lines, textures, or shapes in countless variations to create unique works of art. Focus on one or more elements while exploring a wide range of media, cultures and time periods.

A Taste of Asia

Whet your appetite with a sample of Asian arts from China, Japan, India, and Southeast Asia. See works from the Institute’s world-renowned collection, including ancient bronzes, tomb and temple sculptures, a Chinese scholar’s library and rock garden, ink paintings, and the Jade Mountain.

Safari through Art

Bring the whole family to search for real and imaginary animals in works of art from around the world. The tour invites children to share what they see and know about animals and their habits. Explore how humans and animals interact, and hear stories where animals play a role.

Absolutely Fabulous: Highlights of the MIA’s Collection

View ‘the best of the best’ of the celebrated works in the MIA’s world-renowned collections. From an Egyptian mummy to master paintings and sculptures, you won’t want to miss out on these ‘must-see’ pieces.