Digital Accessibility

Accessibility for all

At Mia, we believe in making art accessible to all—and that includes ensuring our online spaces are as accessible as our physical ones. 

Where do you come in?

To make the museum’s online collection accessible to visitors who are blind or have low vision, images must be accompanied by clear verbal descriptions. Those descriptions are then read aloud by digital screen readers, communicating details about the artwork and artist. 

Can you write simple descriptions of what you see? If so, please join this important effort. After a quick training, you’ll be able to create descriptions of our objects and meaningfully contribute to Mia’s mission of making accessible outstanding works of art from the world’s diverse cultures.​ This opportunity is flexible to fit your schedule. We recommend volunteers commit a minimum of 1.5 hours—more if you have the time to share.

To participate, please fill out the remote-volunteer opportunities form here: Remote Volunteer Opportunities Form Once you’ve submitted the form, we will contact you with a how-to document and provide access to the digital accessibility descriptions spreadsheet.

Special thanks to Gretchen Halverson, Mia’s manager of digital engagement and access, for providing this opportunity. Questions? Please contact Jenny Rydeen at