Divining Rod

Introducing the Divining Rod

We are pleased to introduce the winners for the 2016 3M Art and Technology Award — Molly Reichert and Ben Arcand. The award, launched in 2015, recognizes artistry and innovation among individuals working in the field of technology. Reichert and Arcand, of the Twin Cities, have been awarded $25,000 in prize money and an additional $25,000 to support the development of their invention, under the working title of “Divining Rods”. The project is a technology-based reimagining of the ancient tools once used to find things of value – such as precious gems or fresh water.The new electronic versions will guide visitors to discover new artworks in the museum based on their responses to other artworks. The winners will have the opportunity to work with Mia staff and the companies involved in the judging to implement their idea and engage museum audiences in the galleries in the coming months. Katherine Stalker, of Minneapolis, was named runner up for her Art Conversation Starters app, which connects museumgoers with artwork, while they get to know each other. There were a total of 89 contestants who entered the contest from all over the U.S.

Follow their progress and learn more about the Divining Rod project here.