In celebration of our 100th Birthday Year, the Minneapolis Institute of Art teamed up with five contemporary artists to make great wearable art that’s accessible to all. Each artist featured in the Artist Statements T-Shirt Project has artwork in Mia’s world-renowned collection. Produced in partnership with Mall of America®, these limited-edition t-shirts offer a fresh way of inspiring wonder through the power of art.

Full collection available at the Minneapolis Institute of Art and Mall of America.

Price: $25. Limited supply.

Relaxed: Small to 2XL
Fitted: Small to 2XL

Kota Ezawa, “Yes On No”

Kota Ezawa, Working in Art

Kota Ezawa, Beckham

Alec Soth, 2

Alec Soth, 2B

Alec Soth, 3

David Rathman, Too Old

David Rathman, You Ain’t Wanted

David Rathman, Anywhere But Here

Chris Larson, Heavy Rotation

Chris Larson, Deep North

Chris Larson, Celebration/Love/Loss

Jenny Holzer, Private Property

Jenny Holzer, Everyone’s Work

Jenny Holzer, You Owe The World

Jenny Holzer, Something Terrible

Jenny Holzer, All Things

Jenny Holzer, Action

Jenny Holzer, A Little Knowledge

Jenny Holzer, Abuse Of Power