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Scholarship Application

Free For Qualifying Families

Scholarships are made possible by the Friends of the Institute through proceeds from Art in Bloom 2016.

Scholarships are available for Youth Classes to families who qualify. To qualify, we ask for three pieces of information from you.

  • First, please fill out the application below and submit.
  • Second, please follow this link and click on Join or Renew. Membership is free and it makes it possible for us to invite you back to the Mia for more Family and Youth Programs.
  • Third, please have a letter of recommendation sent on your behalf directly to Mia, on agency letterhead, from a recommender. A recommender can be a school counselor, social worker, teacher, church leader, etc. Have your recommender email their letter directly to


Qualifying families will receive one free Youth Class per term, up to three classes for the school year. Scholarships will be valid for one year. You are invited to re-apply annually upon expiration.