Family Day

Family Day: How Does It Work?

Last occurred: Sunday, October 8
11:00 am to 5:00 pm


Music Siama’s Congo Music
12:30 – 3:30
Visit an instrument petting zoo that features sounds from the heart of Africa, and tap your feet to music by Siama Matuzungidi and friends.

Art-making Rainbow Mobiles
11AM – 4:30PM
Craft a beautiful hanging sculpture featuring prisms that will fill any room with rainbows.

Art-making Optical Illusions
11AM – 4:30PM
Build a thaumatrope – a handheld toy that creates an optical illusion.

Hands-on Space Hexbug Environments
11AM – 4:30PM
Create a miniature world for robotic bugs.

Art-making Origami
11AM – 4:30PM
Fold paper planes, animals, and more!

Artist Demonstration Birchbark Weaving
Noon – 3PM
Meet artist Bill Schaaf, and watch how he uses birchbark to fashion baskets, canoes, and other artful creations.

Gallery Hunt How Did They Do That?
11AM – 5PM
Mia is filled with all kinds of beautiful, hand-crafted objects. Ever wonder how the artists actually created them? Discover behind-the-scenes secrets of some Mia masterpieces.

Tour How Was It Made?
1, 2 & 3:30 PM
Discover the secrets behind the art on this guided tour.