Heid E. Erdrich | The New Museum for Archaic Media: An Evening of Poem Films

Presenters: Heid E. Erdrich, Jonathan Thunder, Elizabeth Day, and Andrea Carlson

Heid E. Erdrich will perform poems from her book, Curator of Ephemera at the New Museum for Archaic Media, between screenings of her experimental poem-films, followed by discussion with the collaborating filmmakers.


Indigenous Elvis Works the Medicine Line (02:56, 2015): A woman finds herself flustered by the attentions of a guard at the Canadian border.

Undead Faerie Goes Great with India Pale Ale (03:37, 2015): This Kraaken-Zombie Joint explores some morbid imagery while answering an important question: Why are zombies so popular?

It was Cloudy (02:16, 2016): This poem began when Erdrich was reading the Nichols and Nylhom Ojibwe language dictionary and practicing her pronunciation. The dictionary page is almost entirely made of Ojibwe words for clouds.

Pre-Occupied (06:29, 2016): A collaborative collage that means to reveal the distracted human mind at a particular point in history.

$10; $5 My Mia members, free for Native American Art Affinity Group members.