Ferran Adrià: Notes on Creativity

September 17, 2015 - January 3, 2016
Gallery 276 & Gallery 275
Free Exhibition

“Ferran Adrià: Notes on Creativity” is the first major museum exhibition to focus on the visualization and drawing practices of this Spanish master chef, whom Gourmet dubbed “the Salvador Dalì of the kitchen.” The exhibition emphasizes the role of drawing in Adrià’s quest to understand creativity.

From the various techniques, textures, and ingredients, many starting points can lead to the invention or reconstruction of a culinary dish. For Adrià, a native of Barcelona, drawing has been the fundamental tool in defining this activity. Adrià’s complex body of work positions the medium as both a philosophical tool—used to organize and convey knowledge, meaning, and signification—as well as a physical object, used to synthesize over 20 years of innovation within the kitchen.

“Ferran Adrià: Notes on Creativity” is curated by Brett Littman.
Organized by The Drawing Center, New York.
Dom Pérignon is the presenting partner of “Ferran Adrià: Notes on Creativity.”
Additional support is provided by the Institut Ramon Llull, Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) and Lavazza.