Finally, We Are All Young Again: Adam Caillier and Michael Mott and Movie

Finally, We Are All Young Again: Adam Caillier and Michael Mott and Movie: Scott Nedrelow

July 22, 2011 - October 2, 2011
MAEP Galleries
Free Exhibition

“Finally, We Are All Young Again” is a multiple-media exhibition of works by Adam Caillier and Michael Mott. In their collaborative studio practice, the artists create written, photographic, and sculptural works, “fussing,” they say, with ideas about rehearsal, creative production, and strategies of display.

The exhibition includes a 3-D library where images of books cover bookshelves, each binding printed with an alternate title to the exhibition and to the works within it. Also included are slide projections from their footage of dance rehearsals and photographs of houses, trees, and teenagers. This overlapping and repetition of images is an example of the artists’ interest in photography and research, as well as interactive installations.

Scott Nedrelow’s experimental video and sound installation begins with a short clip of a film he recorded during numerous visits to movie theaters. The film is projected simultaneously onto a gallery wall to mimic the movie-theater experience. Shot from different angles, the film focuses on the recording and editing processes. The soundtracks overlap one another for a layered effect.

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