Liz Miller, Ornamental Invasion, installation view, 2011

Liz Miller and Paula McCartney

April 21, 2011 - July 3, 2011


Ornamental Invasion: Liz Miller

Liz Miller’s exhibition Ornamental Invasion consists of two- and three-dimensional wall-mounted and freestanding components cut from industrial felt. Throughout her career, Miller has completely transformed gallery and public spaces with her riotously colored installations. The viewer is immediately pulled into the fastidious complexity of her craft and the beauty of natural and manufactured networks; the work seems to crawl, grow, and swallow up space. As a site-specific artist, Miller has spent many hours researching the MIA and its collection. She is especially interested in the Asian, African, and European collections of weapons and armor, and has found creative means to incorporate these objects into her installation.

Download the exhibition brochure of Liz Miller’s Ornamental Invasion (pdf). Watch a video interview of Liz Miller here.

A Field Guide to Snow and Ice: Paula McCartney

Paula McCartney’s exhibition A Field Guide to Snow and Ice is a photographic essay of images recalling the northern winter, including falling snow, icicles, and snowdrifts. But McCartney doesn’t work in a straightforward documentary style; instead, she combines the grandeur of landscape photographs with delicate figure studies. She uses technical sleights of hand to affect scale: snowdrifts that appear larger than human scale are actually small piles of gypsum sand; and slender icicles are calcite stalactites that grow anonymously, over centuries, in caves. McCartney doesn’t look for images, she makes them. Her craft in shooting and printing her photographs is exacting. She is just as precise in her critique of assumptions about the truth-telling, indexical, and documentaryaspects of photographic image making.

Download the exhibition brochure of  Paula McCartney’s A Field Guide to the Snow and Ice (pdf)

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