A white, rusted bed frame lying outside in overgrown plants.

Alec William Soth American, born 1969 Venice, Louisiana, 2002 Chromogenic print Gift of Mitchell and Nancy Steir 2007.110.11 Copyright © Alec Soth

Uncanny Blossoming

March 16, 2019 - July 28, 2019
Gallery 368
Free Exhibition

Since its inception, photography has expanded our understanding of the world’s flora. Images of plant life have helped generations of scientists, artists, and activists define the parameters of the natural world, celebrate its beauty, and advance policies for its protection. Yet photographs can do more than document the particulars of plants: they can unsettle our relationship with them, provoking us to see them anew. This exhibition explores a blossoming world with an eye for the uncanny, presenting photographs of plants and flowers that remind us of the uneasy terms of our coexistence. Blurring the distinctions between plant and human, animate and still life, these photographs point to a new way of perceiving life on earth.