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Beef Finland 2012 by Seungho Lee

For his Master’s thesis at Aalto University in strategic design (the use of design to improve large, complex systems such as health care, food distribution, etc.), Lee addressed the effects of the beef and dairy industries on health and the environment. With eye-catching infographics, Lee presented scientific data and analysis on a multimedia web site and in a more traditional newspaper format, arguing that reducing Finland’s reliance on beef and dairy would help minimize climate change and water scarcity while helping Finns live longer, healthier lives.

Lee’s Beef Finland project broke down a major social and environmental issue with thoughtful graphic design, subtly encouraging a re-evaluation of beef and dairy production and consumption. But it didn’t stop there, offering strategies for changing the longstanding cultural systems involving beef and dairy on a personal and national level.

World Design Capital Video Selections

These videos were commissioned by the World Design Capital (WDC) Helsinki 2012 organization profiling Finnish designers, architects, and craft artists, to celebrate the WDC Helsinki 2012 year. They were produced by Cocoa.

The International Council of Societies of Industrial Design awards the WDC designation every two years, the goal being to “promote and support extensive utilization of design in the social, cultural and economic development of cities.” The videos selected here from that group are related to objects in the exhibition. Those profiled discuss their definition and approach to good design.