Pierce in his scholar’s rock costume, at right, inspired by Mia.

Art is Story 2018

“Mia is Pierce’s favorite place to visit—he visits nearly every week to walk and sit and draw,” said his mother. For Halloween, he asked to be his favorite sculpture at Mia, the so-called scholar’s rock—or “botcher,” as Pierce calls it—that stands outside the lobby windows. His family sent Mia a photo of him at school, among a dragon and a princess, fully encased in a rock-like suit, only his arms showing.

Mia heard stories about the recent exhibition “Power and Beauty in China’s Last Dynasty,” like the one from a visitor who went three times and called it a “wonder experience.” And we heard from many visitors to “Art and Healing in the Moment,” who told us they felt hopeful and uplifted, that “this is what an art museum is for.”