MCAD@MIA: Aberration

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“MCAD@MIA: Aberration”

On view through June 15, 2014
Target Wing | Free Exhibition

Minneapolis, MN, April 3–The Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA) and the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) are pleased to present the fourth annual MCAD@MIA collaboration: “Aberration,” a vibrant window installation created by MCAD alumnus Jamie Owens (2013) and current student Claire Victoria. “Aberration” is on view at the MIA through June 15, 2014.

For “Aberration,” Owens and Victoria enhanced an underused area of the museum by applying colorful geometric
compositions printed on cling film to all three levels of windows in the MIA’s Target Wing elevator corridors.
The pixelated designs mirror the architecture and landscape of the MCAD campus and the surrounding Whittier neighborhood. In fact, from a certain viewpoint the designs match up to the architectural outlines beyond the windows. The installation also gives the space energy and color as sunlight shines through, shifting with the season and time of day.

MCAD@MIA is an ongoing partnership of the MIA and MCAD. The goal of this juried collaboration
is to encourage art students to create new and innovative work that responds to the architecture, space, and/or collections of the museum. MCAD students are given the unique opportunity to work with MIA staff within the museum’s campus to gain professional experiences and insights into creating installations. MCAD@MIA promotes an educational collaboration beyond the conventional involvements of communities and museums.