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July 18, 2008


Recently there have been various rumors and misstatements expressed about the status, operations, and future commitment by the Minneapolis Institute of Art to the Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program. This is surprising because the MIA has not changed its position with respect to its commitment to this important, valued, and long-term relationship. I would like to take this opportunity to formally reiterate our position and support of MAEP:

1. The MIA is committed to MAEP
2. The MIA respects the integrity of the program
3. The MIA will continue to show Minnesota artists’ work in the Target Wing galleries
4. The MAEP artist panel will continue to operate in its current form, and will continue to be assisted by an MIA coordinator who works directly with the panel

The reporting structure of the MAEP was changed in February 2008 as part of a museum-wide reorganization that resulted in changes across the entire institution. By linking MAEP to our new Department of Contemporary Art at the museum, we intend to further expand the role of Minnesota artists at the MIA.

Elizabeth Armstrong, Director of Exhibitions and Programs and Curator of Contemporary Art, is looking forward to meeting with the artist panel and other Minnesota artists to brainstorm about additional ways to promote the great work of Minnesota artists. We plan to enhance the opportunities for Minnesota artists with our expanded contemporary programming at the museum. We also hope that MAEP artists will be an integral part of our entire contemporary program at the MIA.

Again on behalf of everyone at MIA, I look forward to an exciting and productive future for MAEP.
Kaywin Feldman, Director and President of the Minneapolis Institute of Art