Mia’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide: Something for Everyone from the Store at Mia

By Rita Mehta

For the habit makers who make new resolutions every year—some of our favorite products to help them actually keep their promises.

  • Cookbooks — because sometimes all it takes to start cooking again is a new recipe!
  • Metal and bamboo bento boxes to pack a lunch. Reusable, easy-to-wash coffee cups for the daily coffee run and collapsible water bottles that take up very little space when not in use.
  • Packable reusable bags — a tote version and a backpack version — to avoid using disposable bags.
  • Reusable produce and bulk bags to avoid using plastic produce bags.

For your host—a thoughtful gift to let them know you appreciate the invitation.

  • An artist-inspired planter with an easy to maintain succulent.
  • Beautiful tea-towels or coasters.
  • A Polaroid camera to capture the evening.
  • Chocolates or Swedish cookies to complement dessert (and because everyone else will bring wine).

For the Minnesota enthusiast—beautiful, locally made gifts to remind them of their home.

  • Minnesota books! We can’t prove this, but we’ve been told that Minnesotans buy more books about Minnesota than our counterparts do for their home states.
  • Minnesota-made (and shaped!) ornaments, ceramics and tea-towels.
  • Minnesota-made chocolates or honey, direct from the Mia beehives!
  • Handmade jewelry from local artists — Yen Chee, Helen Wang, Delina White, Jac & Violet, Laura Wolovitch and more!
  • Gift memberships to Mia and a pair of socks inspired by masterpiecesfrom our collection.

For your favorite kiddos.

  • A guitar or a set of drums to foster new hobbies.
  • Thoughtful books that empower and energize.
  • Art supplies — that are washable!
  • A stuffed animal or figure to keep them company during storytime.