Yang Yongliang’s commentary on humans and nature in “Power and Beauty” is devastating—and hopeful

My favorite room in “Power and Beauty in China’s Last Dynasty: Concept and Design by Robert Wilson” is the ninth room—technically Gallery 274, though I more affectionately refer to it as the Mountain Room. The theme of this gallery is the love of mountains shared by Chinese emperors and court officials, an almost romanticized view of mountainscapes as a . . . Keep reading »

Mia’s resident poet, Al Naylor, on finding inspiration in art

Al Naylor grew up in Miles City, a former cattle town on the high plains of Montana, and became an executive atop what is now U.S. Bank in Minneapolis. He had always liked museums but disliked the hierarchies and pretensions that seemed to govern them. And so, in the mid-1980s, when he struck up a relationship with the Minneapolis . . . Keep reading »

The irresistible mix of art and activism in Rory Wakemup’s “Ledger Craft” performances

Last fall, the courtyard between Mia and MCAD was a battlefield, at once ancient and futuristic. Kids with bows and arrows moved in a kind of martial dance, then donned cardboard costumes in the rectangular, early-digital style of Minecraft, the popular world-building computer game. They fought zombies. They were filmed by drones. They declared victory. Rory Wakemup calls it “Ledger . . . Keep reading »

Design, silence, and Robert Wilson: My Watermill Center experience

Five minutes of silence. On a warm August morning in the Hamptons, outside New York City, I was sitting on the floor at The Watermill Center, meditating. This time of year, the Center is abuzz with small teams of people working with the center’s founder—renowned theater director and artist Robert Wilson—to shape their project, be it opera, . . . Keep reading »

Can you name five women artists?

Did your response include any women artists of color? These are the questions leading the charge for the National Museum of Women in the Arts’ international Women’s History Month social media campaign, #5womenartists. Mia is one of more than 300 organizations around the world participating in this effort to increase gender parity in the arts by sharing . . . Keep reading »

The fascinating story behind the imperial robes in “Power and Beauty in China’s Last Dynasty”

On January 1, 1912, the empress dowager of China signed the abdication papers that ended more than two thousand years of imperial rule—including the Qing Dynasty that encompassed her own family, so evocatively depicted in Mia’s current exhibition “Power and Beauty in China’s Last Dynasty: Concept and Design by Robert Wilson.” China became a republic. And the last . . . Keep reading »

Mapping the small, three-dimensional world of Japanese netsuke

It’s a sartorial tale as old as time: I need to carry some stuff, and I’m not wearing any pockets. People are always navigating the gap between form and function, evolving the ways in which our clothing can be both practical and representative of who we are as a person.  And it was no different during the Edo . . . Keep reading »

Newsflash: “Black Panther” and African fashions at Mia

There has never been a phenomenon quite like Black Panther, the Marvel movie that is on track to become the highest-grossing superhero movie ever and among the most popular films of any kind in North America. Set in the fictional African country of Wakanda, with its mostly black cast doing what superheroes do, it’s been hailed as a . . . Keep reading »

The art of “Power and Beauty” is stunning—just like the story it tells

“Power and Beauty in China’s Last Dynasty,” the multisensory experience of Chinese art now showing in Mia’s Target Galleries, is already a critically acclaimed landmark of museum exhibition design. No one has seen Chinese art—or any other art—in quite this way before, against a theatrical backdrop of sound, light, smell, and dramatic staging. But it’s also, at its . . . Keep reading »

Lily Yeh and the transformative power of art

Lily Yeh once had the perfect life. Or so it seemed—even, at times, to her. Other times, she told me, she sensed she was “missing something deep down.” Something beyond her settled family life, beyond her successful career as an artist and professor at the University of the Arts, in Philadelphia. And so she began . . . Keep reading »

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