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How Alec Soth helped Martin Weinstein acquire his amazing nickname

<p>This weekend, the MIA opens a must-see exhibition for photography fans: 31 Years: Gifts from Martin Weinstein, featuring a good chunk of the more than 500 photographs given to the MIA over the decades by the former trial attorney and current gallery owner, including greats like August Sander, Josef Ruzicka, W. Eugene Smith, and his&nbsp;.&nbsp;.&nbsp;. <span class='moretag'><a href=''> Keep reading &raquo; </a></span></p>

Art Inspires: Alec Soth on Ramon Muxter

<p>In the late 1990s, I got a job working in the darkroom at the MIA. My single Sisyphean task was to make seven black-and-white prints of every object in the museum for its various archives. The reward was a chance to peer into obscure corners of the collection. I was particularly taken with the work&nbsp;.&nbsp;.&nbsp;. <span class='moretag'><a href=''> Keep reading &raquo; </a></span></p>

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