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Once at MIA: The tiny boxer

They could have been playing stickball. Or whittling. Or pushing a hoop around with a branch. Or whatever kids did for fun in the 1920s. But no, they were at the Minneapolis School of Art at the crack of dawn drawing a mini pugilist, dwarfed by the platform he’s perched on yet ready to punch . . . Keep reading »

Surprise sculptures: The artist behind “Microsafari” explains the tiny new creatures in the galleries

Mercedes Knapp arrives at the MIA with a serving tray bearing a miniature menagerie. Some of the creatures are identifiable: koi fish, a lion, a sleeping deer. Others are more nebulous, with the rounded, fantastical features of anime. She calls them Puds, colorful little blobs that resemble nothing so much as gumdrops. She’s been making the cuddly creatures . . . Keep reading »

Once at MIA: Artists at work

They seem caught in the act—of something. Painting a nude? Abstraction (gasp)? The woman with the large eyes holds the camera’s gaze as if daring the photographer—and us—to see what the brush is putting down. But they were almost certainly posed, standing as still for the camera as whatever was being painted. They were art . . . Keep reading »

Homage to Matisse: Shawn McCann channels the master to accent the exhibition

Henri Matisse, the modern master whose colorful, game-changing art goes on view at the MIA on Sunday in Matisse: Masterworks from the Baltimore Museum of Art, is no longer taking commissions. Luckily for the MIA, Shawn McCann is close at hand. By day, he works in facilities maintenance at the museum, clearing snow, fixing leaks, . . . Keep reading »

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A special collection of Mia Stories containing our connection to a wide range of current topics including diversity, the right to creative expression, the spread of knowledge, and the need to preserve the planet and its cultural treasures for future generations.

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