Mia is stepping up its support of bees—and celebrating them through art

Since 2013, Mia has hosted several colonies of European honeybees on its roof, a striking if largely unseen part of its mission to preserve the planet and its treasures. But recently it became clear that merely hosting the bees was not enough if the museum wants to help bees. Providing bee-friendly flowers is the best way to support . . . Keep reading »

How Mia is greening the museum—and why that’s good for art, too

Back in 2008, a group of staffers at Mia, calling themselves the Green Team, began meeting to discuss potential reforms, ways that the museum could reduce its impact on the environment. It was never going to be easy—preserving the art means regulating the environment. Also, the museum is old. And money, as in any non-profit, is . . . Keep reading »

Artist Andrea Carlson on the unspoken history, unseen stories, and awkward moments behind her Mia project “Let: an act of reverse incorporation”

Andrea Carlson wasn’t sure the museum would go for it. After all, as she puts it, the participants and collaborators in Let: an act of reverse incorporation are “kicking in the front door of historic institutional power.” Carlson, who grew up in Minnesota and now lives in Chicago, has long drawn on her Anishinaabe (Ojibwe), . . . Keep reading »

Next in line: An election-year look at power, succession, and chicanery in Mia’s collection

“Well, he’s never gonna be president now…that’s one less thing to worry about.” Thomas Jefferson’s taunting of his rival in the hit musical Hamilton has reverberated through the end of this never-ending election season, along with serious questions about the fitness of candidates and political traditions. And it’s prompted the Mia staffers in the museum’s . . . Keep reading »

Once at Mia: The professor and the owl

He holds the bronze owl in a curiously darkened room, posing for a newspaper photographer as though the incredible bird has just hatched before the flash bulbs. Umehara Sueji was a professor of archaeology and a historian of Far East cultures at the University of Kyoto when he came to Mia in January 1954 to . . . Keep reading »

Let’s supersize that! Inside China’s incredible museum boom

“Everything is bigger in America.”  I heard this repeatedly from English friends while living in London in the 1970s and ’80s. And, for the most part, they were right. Cars, houses, shopping malls, food portions—everything was bigger in America. Even the saga of J.R. Ewing on Dallas, the era’s emblematic TV show, symbolized the size, . . . Keep reading »

How a museum of failed romance gets to the heart of things

I recently popped in to visit the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb, Croatia. It was a pilgrimage of sorts, as I’d been intrigued by rave reviews of the museum and the fact that in 2011 it won the Kenneth Hudson European Museum of the Year award for “the most unusual, daring and, perhaps, controversial . . . Keep reading »

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