Once at MIA: Avedon sits in

It looks innocent enough: Richard Avedon, the celebrated New York fashion photographer, sitting cross-legged on the gallery floor surrounded by young admirers. But something tells me they are not talking f/stops and Tri-X. It is, after all, the summer of 1970. The counter-culture is coming down from the high of Woodstock, President Nixon has escalated . . . Keep reading »

The secret history of sacrifice and survival behind Pao Her’s “Attention”

Some of the men in the portraits stand straight, their eyes alert. The medals decorating their freshly pressed uniforms shine under the studio lighting. Others seem disinterested in pageantry and pride, their ill-fitted military fatigues hardly adorned at all. One man brandishes an excessive number of medals and ribbons on the pocket over his heart. . . . Keep reading »

Once at MIA: Candid camera

He was photographing the MIA galleries, but he was almost certainly the best subject in them that day. This was 1937, and the young man—looking like he walked off the Hollywood set of a Yukon musical—was an early adopter of small, handheld cameras, what were then called “candid cameras.” Today, the MIA allows photography in most . . . Keep reading »

Carrion on: Paul Shambroom brings back the dead for “The Nature of Nature”

I first met Paul Shambroom while working at Mpls.St.Paul Magazine, when he presented editor Brian Anderson with his idea of setting up a photo booth in front of the Shinders newsstand at Sixth Street and Hennepin Avenue, in downtown Minneapolis, on two Saturday nights. He wanted to capture the avenue’s night owls in the era . . . Keep reading »

Art Inspires: Alec Soth on Ramon Muxter

In the late 1990s, I got a job working in the darkroom at the MIA. My single Sisyphean task was to make seven black-and-white prints of every object in the museum for its various archives. The reward was a chance to peer into obscure corners of the collection. I was particularly taken with the work . . . Keep reading »

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