The Smoker

Once at Mia: Manet, Mr. Dayton, and the inside story of a beloved painting

<p>Édouard Manet&#8217;s Le Fumeur (The Smoker) was unveiled at Mia in 1968 by Anthony Clark, then director of the museum. A solitary person with a pipe was sort of a 19th-century meme, and  Manet made various drawings and etchings of his subject, a  comfortably bewhiskered man believed to be his neighbor, that have circulated widely—they&#8217;re in the collections of&nbsp;.&nbsp;.&nbsp;. <span class='moretag'><a href=''> Keep reading &raquo; </a></span></p>

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A special collection of Mia Stories containing our connection to a wide range of current topics including diversity, the right to creative expression, the spread of knowledge, and the need to preserve the planet and its cultural treasures for future generations.

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