The paintings in “Eyewitness Views” were the Instagram of the 1700s. Here’s why that matters.

The paintings in “Eyewitness Views,” a major exhibition opening September 10 at Mia, were made more than 250 years ago in cities thousands of miles from Minneapolis. They are so-called “view paintings”—views of events that were important at the time they were painted but are generally no longer remembered: balloon flights, volcanic eruptions, royal visits. They are . . . Keep reading »

Why is this curious mask in the Martin Luther show? The reformer’s brave take on the plague

Don’t be surprised if the most popular image to emerge from “Martin Luther: Art and the Reformation,” Mia’s comprehensive look at the objects and art behind Luther’s 16th-century revolt against the Catholic Church, is not of the pulpit from which he preached his last sermons, or the life-size model of his home, or even his . . . Keep reading »

Next in line: An election-year look at power, succession, and chicanery in Mia’s collection

“Well, he’s never gonna be president now…that’s one less thing to worry about.” Thomas Jefferson’s taunting of his rival in the hit musical Hamilton has reverberated through the end of this never-ending election season, along with serious questions about the fitness of candidates and political traditions. And it’s prompted the Mia staffers in the museum’s . . . Keep reading »

Art Inspires: Author Kelly Barnhill on the missing horse of the “Bronze Horses of San Marco”

Regarding the Missing Horse of the Bronze Horses of Saint Marco My Darling, You will notice, when you wake, that there are several things missing from the apartment. Your wallet, for one. And truly, my love, I am sorry for that. It can’t be helped. When I am next in Venice, I swear to you . . . Keep reading »

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