Visit / Show Your Love

Visiting the MIA has never been so rewarding. Now when you vow to visit the museum at least three times before June 30, 2014—to see art, share a meal, or any other reason—you’ll be entered to win excellent art-centric prizes.

Vowing is easy!

First: Fill out the form and pick up a “Show Your Love” card from the front desk the next time you visit—don’t forget to get stamped!

Next: Visit the museum again, and again, and each time be sure to get another stamp. Each stamp entitles you to an extra 10 percent off your purchases at the store at MIA. By your third visit, that discount increases to 30 percent!

Last: Receive your third stamp and you’ll be flaunting your love of art—and entered to win a phenomenal grand prize.

Don’t miss a beat. Take the vow now!

 Take the Vow!