Decorative Arts, Textiles, and Sculpture

Decorative Arts, Textiles, and Sculpture

Originally established to focus on furniture, metalwork, ceramics, and glass, the department today encompasses more than 18,000 works in all mediums from the Americas and Europe, and dating from the Middle Ages to the present. Particular strengths of the collection include historic and contemporary textiles and fiber art; English, American, and continental silver; historic interiors from Europe and North America; sculpture from ancient times to the present; modernist design; and the Prairie School-style Purcell Cutts House.

Department Staff

Ghenete Zelleke
James Ford Bell Curator of Decorative Arts and Sculpture
and head of the Department of Decorative Arts, Textiles, and Sculpture

Nicole LaBouff
Associate Curator of Textiles

Jennifer Komar Olivarez
Head of Exhibition Planning and Strategy
and Interim Curator of the Purcell-Cutts House


Frederica Simmons
Curatorial Department Assistant
Phone: 612.870.6558

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Recent Acquisitions

The Department of Decorative Arts, Textiles, and Sculpture continues to expand Mia’s holdings by acquiring artworks of the highest quality.


Textile Highlights

Mia’s textile collection spans centuries, materials, and techniques. Explore highlights here.



Purcell-Cutts House

In 1913, architects William Gray Purcell and George Grant Elmslie designed a house in Minneapolis that remains one of the most significant examples of the Prairie School style of architecture in the country.


Decorative Arts, Textiles, and Sculpture Programs, Talks, and Presentations

Explore a wealth of recorded lectures, talks, and other videos on decorative arts, textiles, and sculptures and the artists who create them.


Living Rooms

In this multi-year initiative, Mia is reinvigorating its period rooms for today’s visitors, placing the past in dialogue with the present, while simultaneously broadening the conversation to include other histories—of marginalized people, of the senses, and even of time itself.


Alcohol’s Empire

A collaboration of the Minneapolis Institute of Art, the Wangensteen Historical Library at the University of Minnesota, and Tattersall Distilling that explores the history of drinking in the 1700s Atlantic world.



Affinity Groups

Mia’s Affinity Groups are a great way for museum members to connect more closely with special areas of art interest, allowing you to delve deeper into the curatorial area of your choice.


Art Champions

The restoration and conservation of artworks in Mia’s collection are ever-present concerns. Art Champions is a program that connects art lovers with artworks that require conservation to be displayed to the public.