Rest As a Portal for Healing

Inspired by the work of The Nap Ministry, this care package explores rest as a portal for healing, communal care, and resistance, through art-making prompts, guided meditation, and a self-guided tour of works in the collection that speak to the themes of rest and restoration.

Response to Rupture

Healing Artist DejaJoelle leads viewers through a four-step interactive process aimed at creating healthy mental, emotional, and somatic responses to events outside our control.



During these times, it’s easy for our lives to feel rushed and overwhelming. Join artist and art therapist Quinn Rivenburgh, MAAT ATR, to take a brief pause in your day. Using just a pencil and paper, this series of guided meditations and simple drawing activities will help you check in with yourself, give a bit of space for your emotions, and find your center.

A note: These meditations do not replace mental health treatment. If you are in crisis, click here to learn more or call 274747 anywhere in the state of Minnesota to be connected to a local crisis response team.
Channeled Anger + Bilateral Drawing
Here we will explore and encounter feelings of anger in a clear and structured way. Anger is a complex emotion, and carries many associations for many people. We will use bilateral drawing—drawing with both hands at once—to help us channel and integrate what emerges. Click here for a full transcript.
Play time 6:25

Letting Go of Judgement + Hidden Contour Drawing

In this segment, we will focus on our inner critic, and experiment with setting down our self-judgement. May this practice bring a bit more spaciousness into your inner life. Click here for a full transcript.
Play time 5:34


Unattended Grief + Interconnected Spirals

There is so much to grieve for, even in this past year alone. In this ArtPause, we invite you to take a brief moment to attend to a small bit of that grief. We will be working with spiral drawing as well as learning a simple self-hold to help us contain and tend to ourselves. Click here for a full transcript.

Play time 7:31


Externalizing Mental Load + Rest and Restoration

Now we will be drawing and then moving into a guided restorative practice. The drawing practice is intended to help you set aside your worries and concerns for a time, so that your mind can more fully focus on the period of rest. Click here for a full transcript.
Play time 6:08


Drawing Kits

Inspired by these activities? Pick up a FREE drawing kit onsite at Mia’s Visitor Experience desk, flex your creativity and sketch your favorite work in the galleries, or practice some mindful meditation by drawing at home.