About This Year’s Signature Artwork

This year’s signature piece is Eugène Delacroix’s Still Life with Dahlias, Zinnias, Hollyhocks, and Plums, c. 1835. Delacroix had a lifelong preoccupation with flowers and gardens. His floral still-life paintings, though few in number, were among his most influential and dazzling works. The Delacroix painting is featured in the exhibition “Floral Affair: A Bouquet for the Friends’ Centennial,” on view April 27–August 14, 2022, in Cargill Gallery.

Gift of funds from the Friends of the Institute in celebration of their 100th anniversary, with generous support from Nivin Macmillan, Mary Agnes and Al McQuinn, Sheila C. Morgan, Mary and Douglas Olson, Carol Burton Gray, Nikki and Ron Lewis, Lucy Crosby Mitchell, Linda and Phil Boelter, Pamela and Mark Friedland, Katie and Steve Remole, Elizabeth Short and Kirk Cozine, Samuel and Patricia McCullough, Lucille Amis, Carolyn and Tucker Dahl, Maria Eggemeyer, Martha Head, Heidi Ault and Gretchen Holland, Ed and Teresa Luterbach, Jane and Thomas Nelson, Suzanne C. and William B. Payne, Constance Sommers, Marilyn Sunderberg, Marietta and Jot Turner, and gifts made in memory of Teresa Pfister 2017.52