3M Art and Technology Award Competition Rewards Innovation and Imagination

$25,000 in prize money and an additional $25,000 in development support, connections to industry expertise, resources and more.

The 2017 application cycle is now closed.


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Introducing Riddle Mia This, an augmented reality puzzle experience and winner of the 2017 3M Art and Technology Award.

Riddle Mia This


Past Winners

The best entries will show:

  • Innovation and creativity – a “wow factor” – something that’s not been done before
  • An engaging user experience with potential for deep audience engagement
  • A meaningful connection to community
  • Broad accessibility for many audiences, including those historically under-served
  • Opportunities to go beyond the museum’s walls
  • Feasibility, including the practical needs for implementation

Contestants should demonstrate:

  • Ingenuity
  • The capability, availability and skills to implement the Project described in the Entry
  • An ability to communicate ideas clearly
  • Previous success at similar efforts

The 3M Art and Technology competition recognizes artistry and innovation in the field of technology. As partners with shared interest in how technology, design and experience come together to enrich arts and culture, 3M and Mia are pleased to collaborate on this exciting program. Thanks to 3M for their generous financial support of this program.