Xiaolu Wang

Xiaolu Wang shares a short film, Dumpling, to reflect the struggle to belong.

Xiaolu was born a few hours before her favorite author died of suicide. She was raised by her grandparents 王玉明和吕凤英 until the biggest transition of her life, to which she’s still transitioning. She’s somewhere on the spectrum of a brave coward and an authentic imposter, a lazy talent and a professional napper with chronic boredom. She sometimes freezes mid-sentence in front of a crowd. Her yoga master would call it vata imbalance. There’s no explanation to this mystery. She remembers loss more than time, senses lies more than her needs. She gets better at escaping than growing up through literature, music, and films. She’s a voyeur of the interior world. Her work deals with the romanticization of guilt, dust, and intimate vengeance. She never has any pictures of her graduations.

Connect with Xiaolu on her website http://hellox140lu.com/ or on Instagram: @x140lu