From the Field: Leading the Way with Empathy

Toolkits, Curricula, and Resources for Promoting Empathy

Greater Good Science Center’s Empathy Quiz

The Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley is dedicated to exploring ways in which empathy might enable a happier and more just world. To determine which factors might influence an individual’s capacity for empathy, they developed this quiz.

Blanton Museum of Art’s Art and Feelings Curriculum

This lesson plan, developed by the Blanton Museum at UT Austin, offers a way to engage school-aged children in an art museum setting for the purpose of social-emotional learning.

Ashoka’s Start Empathy Toolkit

Created by Ashoka Changemaker Schools (a network of schools that value empathy and leadership as a route to change-making), this toolkit explores ways to foster empathy in a classroom setting.

Harvard University Making Caring Common’s Resources for Educators

Harvard University Making Caring Common’s Resources for Families

Making Caring Common is an initiative developed by Harvard’s Graduate School of Education. Through school partnerships, research studies, and advice to parents and caregivers, it seeks to foster an interest in the common good.

Doing Good Together’s Big Hearted Families Program

Doing Good Together is a Minneapolis-based non-profit that helps engage parents and children in public service. Their Big Hearted Families Program connects families with volunteer opportunities, offers an empathy-inspired reading list, and provides additional resources for teaching compassion and kindness.