MIA Birthday Year; 52 Surprises; Surprise 46/52: 100 Musicians in the Galleries; Mia hosts over 100 musicians from MacPhail Center for Music continuously performing all over the museum; Sunday 15 November 2015, 12:30-4:00pm; museum-wide

(SOLD OUT) Concert: A Hapsburg House Party

Austria in the 1700s was the birthplace of the classical music we still love today. But it wasn’t created in the aristocratic palaces of Vienna. It was brought to life in weekly jam sessions hosted by Marianna Martines, a student of Haydn, a friend of Mozart, and a composer herself. Join The Leap Ensemble for a Hapsburg House Party, an evening of musical playtime drawn from music composed for Viennese salon, with works by Martines, Mozart, Scarlatti, Handel, and Pittonini.
Pre-show with pop-up performances at 6:30 pm; concert begins at 7pm.
$10; $5 My Mia members. Purchase tickets online, or by calling 612.870.6323.