Esther Ouray | Laughing Yoga

If you can laugh, you can excel at Laughter Yoga. Laughter Yoga integrates elements of yogic breathing and relaxation with laughter exercises, helping tap into the wellspring of joy inherent in each of us and encouraging it to overflow.

Esther Ouray, who will lead the Sacred Salon, is a puppeteer with a degree in theatre arts and a vast training in dance and movement. She has been involved with Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theater, Zamya, Kids Solidarity Theatre, Illusion Theatre, Interact, At the Foot of the Mountain Theatre, and Voices of Sepharad.

Sacred Salons are participatory experiences exploring a wide range of ideas and practices related to the nature of the sacred within a secular, multi-faith society. Visitors are invited to explore historic expressions of the divine, the spiritual, the essential, the most-beloved, and to ponder the word’s meaning to their personal lives. Gather in level 1 of the Atrium of Target Wing.