Small children explore entomology collections. Click for more info about Family Day

Family Day: Bugging Out

Discover beautiful and beastly bugs at Mia! Grab your magnifying glass and search for insects of all kinds in the galleries, then dream up an imaginary creature of your own, and get up close and personal with real bugs.

Art-making Clay Beetles
Build a beautiful beetle or craft a creepy-crawly creation in this drop-in studio.

Art-making Bug Hats
Create a wearable work of art inspired by butterflies, bees, and other bugs!

Art-making Insect Portraits
Use everyday objects to create imaginary insects.

Preschool Tour Butterflies
11:30AM and 12:30PM
Flutter around the museum looking for flowers and butterflies on a tour designed especially for little one.

Gallery Hunt I Spy a Dragonfly
What’s that you see? A caterpillar? A bumblebee? Discover bugs and other tiny creatures in Mia’s collection.

Outdoor Games (weather permitting)
11:30AM – 4:30PM
Get outside for some family fun, with hula hoops, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and more!

Demo Pollinate Minnesota
Noon – 3 PM
Bzzzzzz! Sample some honey, try on a beekeeper’s suit, and meet the queen bee with educators from Pollinate Minnesota.

Demo Bruce the Bug Guy
Noon – 3 PM
Meet Dr. Bruce Giebink – aka Bruce the Bug Guy – and get up close and personal with real live bugs!

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