MAEP Artist Talk: Austin Swearengin

Hear MAEP’s Austin Swearengin discuss his exhibition, “Sweetheart the Rent is Due.” This is the first exhibition of the Minnesota Artist Exhibition Program in U.S. Bank, held in conjunction with Mia’s Third Thursday event. Grab a drink in the lobby after the talk.

Swearengin’s sculptural practice focuses on understanding design and its implementation through semiotics, or the analysis of language, gestures, or objects as they relate to one another. Familiar objects are positioned in a space between utilitarian purpose and poetic intention. For instance, a billboard can be seen as both an architectural body and a space for communication. The design and functionality of these objects also become platforms for poetic inscription and potential audience participation.

In 2015, Swearengin was awarded the Minnesota State Arts Board grant, which resulted in the exhibition “CARPÉ DUMB.” He received his BFA in sculpture from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.