Ainavas Galds (Landscape Table) - 2014 Cast iron, steel, glacial boulders, 60" x 236" x 157.5" Iron.Stone Symposium, 7th International Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art, Pedvāle Open-Air Art Museum, Latvia. Support: United States Embassy, Latvia, State Culture Capital Foundation, Latvia, Talsi Municipality, Latvia, APDC Research Grant, St. Catherine University, Minnesota, Starseed Foundation, Oregon

MAEP Opening: Tamsie Ringler

Celebrate the opening reception of Tamsie Ringler’s MAEP exhibition.

The event is part of November’s Third Thursday, when you can experience Mia’s diverse art collection through unique programs, drinks, and live music.

Tamsie Ringler’s MAEP exhibition explores the duality of the still-life, the venerable art genre that celebrates pleasure even as it warns about the brevity of life. In traditional still-life paintings, human-made or natural objects are placed in a composed space, preserving them for time immemorial. Ringler’s compositions place familiar objects (a car, a canoe, a buffet) alongside natural forms rematerialized, like the Mississippi watershed cast in iron, to form a sculptural still-life in the gallery. Placed within the context of the museum, Ringler’s exhibition speaks to the human need to preserve objects, protect moments of fragility, and illustrate our deepest potential for compassion.

Ringler’s artistic practice focuses on landscape sculpture and public art installations that engage environmental awareness. She studied at the University of Wisconsin and received her MFA from the University of Texas, Austin. She teaches at the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities and serves on the board of directors of Franconia Sculpture Park. Recent exhibitions include Bascom Art Center, Highlands, North Carolina; Pedvale Open-Air Art Museum, Latvia; and the Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis. Ringler is a recipient of the 2017 McKnight Fellowship.

This exhibition is part of the Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program, now located in U.S. Bank Gallery.

Generous support for MAEP provided by:


Additional support provided by RBC Wealth Management and Helen and Dan Lindsay.
The artist received additional funding for this project from the Dean’s Freshman Research and Creative Scholars Program, University of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts, a University of Minnesota Imagine Fund Annual Faculty Award, and Belwin Conservancy.