Mobile Mia: CarryOn Homes Collaboration

Come see and be a part of My Story is My Home with CarryOn Homes and the Mobile Mia bike at various locations throughout Minneapolis this summer. On July 14, join us at Twin Cities World Refugee Day.

“My Story is My Home” asks the simple question: what is home to you? Whether near or far, exploring these feelings about home can be a powerful experience capable of healing and connection within yourself and with others.

CarryOn Homes invites participants to write down their stories of home on a sheet of origami paper that can be folded to form a house that holds the memories, sensations and emotions that may no longer be at arm’s reach. This seemingly insignificant action represents the massively complicated journey that immigrants, migrants and refugees undertake every day.

To begin the conversation CarryOn Homes has invited five different immigrant artists living in the Twin Cities area to translate their ideas of home into a visual language for you to correspond with. If you are at a loss for words, draw a picture or just leave it blank and their designs will carry the story.

On July 14, My Story is My Home will be at Twin Cities World Refugee Day in Loring Park. Xiaojie Liu is the lead artist. She is based in Minneapolis but was born and raised in Enshi, China. When she was four, she was given my first set of watercolor brush and sketchbook, and since then, she started drawing and never stopped. She focuses on children’s illustration, editorial illustration and surface design, etc. for a wide range of projects including children’s books, publications, magazines, branding, packaging and many more. Most of her work explores her sense of cultural dislocation.

On June 29, My Story is My Home joined the Whittier Alliance table at Somali Independence Day.  Isabela Cruz was the lead artist. Isabela is an Ecuadorian illustrator living in Minneapolis, MN. Most of her inspiration comes from the natural world by studying leaves and flowers during the warmer months, and the fascinating patterns of ice during winter time. The organic character of her work exemplifies her deep connection to the natural world of her native land, and her new home in the Midwest. Isabela is passionate about pattern making and exploring different textures created with both traditional and digital media. She is interested in developing complementary designs that support a healthy, conscious and sustainable lifestyle.