Sacred Salon: Z Puppets Rosenschnoz | Monkey Mind Pirates and the Island of Calm; Saturday 11 January 2014; Come visit the Island of Calm with Z Puppets? creative writing and drawing activities and playful characters from the world?s only puppet rock yoga adventure Monkey Mind Pirates. Ages 3 to 93 can sail by the stormy seas of stress to: make flags with symbols of calm to claim a spot on the Island; write and draw visions for the future to hang on Hope on the Rope; and map a path to Calm and try out some monkey taming tips. Related to the series of ?Sacred? exhibitions, Sacred Salons are participatory experiences exploring a wide range of ideas and practices related to the nature of the sacred within a secular, multi-faith society. Target Wing Atrium; gallery 180

Family Day: Love Our Lakes

Join us for our free monthly event for families, kids, and the young at heart. On the second Sunday of every month, the museum is filled with hands-on art activities, live music, dance performances, artist demonstrations, family tours and more — all inspired by Mia’s incredible collection.

Rain or shine, we can enjoy our state’s 10,000 lakes through art! Dive in by crafting origami, hearing stories and seeing performances celebrating our many lakes.

All-Day Activities
Agates with Watercolor
Studios 111-113, first floor
Learn more about agates, a special type of rock with beautiful patterns found in Lake Superior and other lakes around the world. Paint with watercolor and salt to draw the magnificent rocks.

Origami Lake Scenes
Regis Fountain Court
Fold an origami boat to float in the fountain, or some fish and animals that love the lakes. Learn the art of origami folding with local origami enthusiasts to create a lake scene together!

Gallery Hunt
A Day at the Lakes
General Mills lobby, first floor
Go explore the galleries to find art that was inspired or even created by lakes around the world.

Timed Activities
Live Bird Sketching
Wells Fargo Community Room, first floor
Meet a real bald-headed eagle and other raptors brought to you by the Raptor Center and take time to observe and sketch.

Interactive Experience
Mniówe (Dakota Water Bar)
Target Plaza
Mniówe means “A place for getting water (mniówe).” Sample water from a variety of sources in Mnísota and learn about indigenous philosophies,relationships and practices relating to Mní (water) that have allowed Dakota people to thrive in this area for millennia. This program is a collaboration between Water Bar, Healing Place, and Dakhóta Iápi Okhódakičhiye.

Interactive Experience
Minneapolis Sailing Center
11AM- 2PM
Target Plaza
Come see a sailboat and learn the ropes of tying knots and rigging sailboats with the Minneapolis Sailing Center, a local community sailing school based dedicated to teaching the skills of sailing, a sport to enjoy for a lifetime!

Noon, 1:30PM
Target Plaza (rain location: main lobby, first floor)
Hear the fresh sounds of local Indie Pop teen band Miloe.

Preschool Tour
Hide and Seek
11:30AM & 12:30PM, Meet in the main lobby, first floor
Go on a guided tour specially designed for little ones.

Arts of Native America
2 PM, Meet in the main lobby, first floor
Discover diverse and beautiful art made by Native Americans in Mia’s galleries, on a guided tour.

Water is Life
3:30 PM, Meet in the main lobby, first floor
Explore how water has been fundamental to human existence and art in Mia’s galleries, on a guided tour.


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