Somali Youth Project Film Screening

Three short films by 10 Somali American youth, ages 13 to 15, will be premiered at this remarkable screening in which the youth share their views on bullying, diversity, and religion.

Abdulcadir Ahmed Said, a Somali filmmaker now living in South Africa, worked with the students in September, when the project kicked off with a screening of his film Aleel (Seashell), describing the role of a producer and the challenges of filmmaking in Somalia. Working with Abdimalik Askar and Zakaria Aden, the students—Hadsan, Hana, Hayat, Liban, Mohamed, Nabild, Saadiya, Sumaya, Ubah, and Zenab—wrote the scripts, recorded, and edited the films.

Generous support for the youth filmmaking program provided by:   Friends Logo web