Body/Head by Annabel Mehran

Sound.Art.MIA presents: Body/Head

Thursday, February 27

7 p.m. (Doors open at 6:30 p.m.)

$20 advance/$22 door

The MIA is proud to present Body/Head as the first installation of Sound.Art.MIA, a new contemporary music program at the museum that invites all your senses to experiment, create, and play.

Body/Head is the musical partnership of Kim Gordon and Bill Nace. They began working together in various loose formats a few years ago, but the Body/Head concept evolved more specifically in early 2012. Initially their approach was largely instrumental and improvisational—lattices of interwoven feedback rainbows. Kim’s voice began creeping more into the mix, and the vocals are now an intrinsic part of their musical architecture. The songs on their debut album Coming Apart (Matador Records) are compositionally distinct from their purely aleatory, or random, origins, but still feature lots of built-in improvisational space.

Often performing against a backdrop of slow-motion film projection, which serves as a powerful and visionary dream narrative, Body/Head is becoming known for their psychedelic, improvisational performances—an ambitious and ideal launch for Sound.Art.MIA. Local virtuoso musician Paul Metzger will kick off the evening with haunting sounds from his 23-string banjo. Tickets go on sale January 28 at 10 a.m., and can be purchased here.

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