Storytelling and Art-sharing: “Migration, Blackness, and Muslim Identity”

The East African diaspora is unique in its experiences with migration, racial, and cultural identity. Navigating between experiences of Black Muslim identities and as African migrants/refugees, how are millennial East African artists maintaining connections to their homelands? And how are they creating new, multi-diasporic homes in the U.S.?

Join the East African Diaspora Artists Initiative in collaboration with Mia for story-sharing, performance, and dialogue with East African artists along these themes.

Come ready to participate in writing and movement as we explore our stories together. Open to all.

Featured artists are:
Nimo Farah, Somali Spoken Word Artist
Abdirahman Ali, Somali American Photographer

Curated by:
Lula Saleh, Eritrean-Ethiopian American multidisciplinary artist and founder of the East African Diaspora Artists Initiative (EADAI)