Third Thursday: Nerd Thursday

Geek out in the galleries with a celebration of the nerd in all of us!
Brush up on your gamer skills with Mead Hall Games.
Lend a hand in the creation of a Lego van Gogh with Brickmania.
Dig in
to the MIA’s prints and drawings collection with curator Tom Raisseur.
Play or spectate Tipsy Pixels’ video game tourneys.
Get smart with MinnPost’s news junkie quiz show.
Map it out with Andy Sturdevant’s participatory MAEP show, Alley Atlas.
Dress to impress and nerd it up in the Being Geek Chic photobooth.
Soak in the psychedelic sounds of  Food Pyramid.
Test-drive new MIA digital engagement offerings and tell us what you think.
Scope out space and make your own mini-magnifying viewer with artist Alyssa Baguss.

Free; refreshments for sale.

Official Beer: Summit
Music Partner: Local Current from 89.3 The Current

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