MAEP; Nicole Havekost; Chthonic

Virtual Art School: Sculpture Open Studio

Art School is in session! Join a Mia teaching artist each week for a drop-in art-making experience. We’ll explore works from Mia’s collection and create art using simple materials we can find around us. Each week’s session is designed with a particular audience in mind, but open to everyone! Sessions last approximately 45 minutes. In April we’re sxploring empathy and feelings through the lens of art. Inspired by MAEP artist Nicole Havekost’s Chthonic, use paper, tape, and other recycled materials to create art!

A drop-in Open Studio for people of all ages. Join Ebony Beck for a papier mache project inspired by the artworks in Nicole Havekost’s MAEP show. You’ll need paper (any kind will work, old magazines, junk mail, etc), glue or flour and water, scissors, plastic wrap or tin foil, a stick (popsicle stick, a stick from your yard), and markers. You can also gather any natural materials from outside like leaves or twigs (optional).

No need to register, just meet us on Mia’s Teaching Artist YouTube on Tuesdays at 10am! Click here to join.

To learn more about Art School, click here.

MAEP; Nicole Havekost; Chthonic