Sarah Burns, speedboat (detail), plywood, tile, grout, rubber expansion joint, sheet metal, and fabric on rubber composite, 2013

Sarah Burns and Andy Sturdevant

October 18, 2013 - December 29, 2013
MAEP Galleries
Free Exhibition

midday: Sarah Burns

The sculptures in Sarah Burns’s exhibition midday reinforce her interest in prefabricated materials, such as drywall, lumber, carpet, plaster, and tiles, from which she makes expertly refined abstract shapes and sculptural forms. Her diverse practice begins with an openness to materials, yet there is also an architectural discipline and earnestness to Burns’s work; as Steen Eiler Rasmussen said, “No other art employs a colder, more abstract form, but at the same time no other art is more intimately connected with man’s daily life from the cradle to the grave.” Her sculptures and room-sized installations create experiences that oscillate between intimately constructed details and how those forms evoke domestic environments that recur in memories of personal spaces.

Download the exhibition brochure of Sarah Burns’s midday (pdf)

Alley Atlas: Andy Sturdevant

Andy Sturdevant’s massive Alley Atlas used the MAEP gallery as the staging area for an open-source project on urban design and personal history. This exhibition will give Minneapolitans a chance to name every alleyway in the city of Minneapolis, based on their memories or experiences of the place. As the exhibition continues, the number of contributions will grow and the maps will show how the alleys have their own culture that runs parallel to the already familiar and well-named city streets.

Download the exhibition brochure of Andy Sturdevant, Alley Atlas (pdf)

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