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Photography by Joe Horton, Composite by Kai Benson.

Joe Horton: Vessel

September 12, 2019 - September 22, 2019
Free Exhibition

Vessel, an experimental film directed by Joe Horton, follows a hero on a journey through death, decay, and transcendence. Referencing the alchemical vessel, an object of transformation and a symbol for the soul, the film’s lyrical plot recalls classical storytelling forms such as opera and ballet and is infused with Afrofuturism and surrealism. Through the use of stop-motion photography, digital compositing, and an ambient soundtrack, Vessel imparts a modern mysticism to the Information Age.

Joe Horton is a vocalist, media artist, and cofounder of FIX music and arts collective. He is a 2019 Jerome Hill Artist Fellow and an artist in residence at Mia.

Director: Joe Horton. Art Director: Kai Benson. Featuring Darrius Strong, Shá Cage and Jessika Akpaka. Creative Team: Patrick Pegg, Bill Phelps, Carissa Merrill, Jesse Cogswell, Joshua Clausen, Stephen Lewis. Special Thanks: Jessika Akpaka, Isaac Kidder, Carrie Shaw, Alyssa Anderson, Tiffany Skidmore, Walt Skidmore, Adam Zahller, Mike Duffy, Laura Krider, Willow Skidmore, Bodega Ltd., Braden Schmitt, and Audrey Horton.


Photography by Joe Horton, Composite by Kai Benson.